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secondchancerp's Journal

An All Fandom RP, where nothing is as it seems...
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Life in Kalkyou is perfect bordering on boring. You get up, go to school or work, talk with your friends, your family. You move through life with an oddly average pattern. But no one in Kalkyou seems to sleep without restless dreams. There's always new people moving in, but no one ever leaves. You tend not to wonder about these things, until your head starts to hurt, and you have these strange memories spilling into your head...

Welcome to Second Chance, an all-fandom RP


Back Story

Life is peaceful on the island of Kalkyou, so much so that not many people tend to question the strange little quirks of it. The fact no one ever seems to leave, the fact people seem to disappear for a few weeks at a time, the fact that everything seems to fit together with an eerie perfection.

No one would suspect the secret government conspiracy, the experiments done on the edges of the island that disturb the very flow of time, the bounds of the dimensions. Those secret government members that work on Kalkyou work with cross dimensional experimentation. They pull those with strong spirits from their homes, and to this place. After any experimentation they wish to pursue, they then wipe the patient's memory. Their minds are then reprogrammed with a computer chip planted into the brain, full with sets of artificial memories of the patient's life on KalKyou. The government scientists create these made up lives so they can watch the inhabitants in peace.

All is relatively peaceful... until the computer chips start to malfunction, and the original memories of their life begins to worm its way through...


Setting of SecondChance RP

SecondChance RP takes place on an unnamed planet that is completely covered with water, save for two landmasses that make up the total playing fields and living grounds for the characters and civilians who make their lives upon them. The two islands are named Kalkyou and Hidarkon, large landmasses that reside on the water’s surface.

The first island, and the older of the two, is Kalkyou. The capital city is Kalkyou Main. There are three communities set around Kalkyou Main: Brim, Rao, and Ven. Kalkyou is located five miles off the west shore of its sister island and is connected to her via a large bridge and a fleet of five ferries that traverse the channel between the two regularly.

The Island as a Whole – Kalkyou

The Trio of New Opportunities – Brim, Rao, Ven

The second island, and the younger of the two, is Hidarkon. The capital city is Myrkur. There are four diverse lands set around Myrkur: Norour, Austur, Suour, and Vestur. Hidarkon is located five miles off the east shore of its sister island and is connected to her via a large bridge and a fleet of five ferries that traverse the channel between the two regularly.

The Island as a Whole – Hidarkon

The Land of Frozen Clouds – Norour

The Land of Heated Grains of Glass – Austur

The Land of Nature’s Blessings – Suour

The Land of Water’s Mingling – Vestur

Both the islands are equally capable of supporting life and provided many of the modern luxuries available at the present, as well as some technology that resembles futuristic design and uses. Each area can sustain almost any organism, regardless of race or nationality, capable of adapting to most other life forms as well. Normal time and seasons are present on both islands, enabling diverse, yet comfortable lives.

Kalkyou’s Living Areas

Hidarkon’s Living Areas

Player/Character Interactions with Setting Placements



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