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Another OOC post.

Surprise surprise, I'm currently working on a just-for-fun log with Dey-chan, a Momiji and Kotarou one, but I guess I might post it here, even though I'm not sure the setting of it fits with Kalkyou, it still is the same plot and character backstory as the Momiji and Kotarou from Kalkyou.

ANYWAY, I don't know how many of you read this. It's my assumption that Second Chance RP is, officially, dead. Feel free to move your character journals to different RPs, or you can leave them here. Whichever. I'll probably leave mine here.

Looking back at all my past entries, I have the feeling I just acted like a humongous jerk. I have a tendency to be shy when it comes to new people, and even coming to starting conversations. With Dey-chan and Jessa (the two I RPed with the most during my stay at secondchance), I've known them for several years now. Which is why I did lean towards them when I wanted to RP and, honestly, I still do. The characters I have from this place I still adore completely. I love my Momiji, even if he's a little OOC, I love my Nanami, and I love my Duo, and I even loved my Gilbert, even if he was completely messed up in the head. I would still, on occassion, still love to play these characters. I just don't think I could handle doing a whole huge plot-thing like second chance has with them.

On that note, I think our overhaul with the revamping of secondchance we did over the summer had kind of the opposite effect. I think it may have put people off, adding so much new crap. I think, just maybe, we made this thing a little too serious. A little too mind-boggling. I RP for fun. I dun want mind-boggling.

I apologize for playing favourites with our players. I apologize for disappearing for months on end, leaving RP logs hanging and such nonsense. I hope that I didn't hurt anyone's feelings during the course of secondchance. Although, if I did, I don't think those that I hurt will be reading this. I think they have all moved on.

Recently I deleted people off of my MSN from secondchance because I felt like they didn't really care about me anymore. If you remember me, and still want to be friends, and we had lots of interaction (or some) during the course of secondchance, feel free to add me back, because I would love to talk to you. And, you know, the occasional just-for-fun RP is great too.

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Considering that this place died? I'm recycling my journals and taking them to RP's with more interaction.

Please remove the following characters from your lists:

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Well, I finally got a job, the bad news is, it's taking up most of my time. Though I have realized that not much has been going on here, I still love to rp with new people and I want to keep this place up and going. I have to work from late night till early hours of the morning, then I sleep till late in the afternoon, so to everyone, I am still active, but it may just take me longer to reply to anyone's posts. Thanks for reading

Mugen vagabond_mugen
Ada Wong another_ada
Leon S. Kennedy agent_leon_x
Jin masterless_jin
Miroku dangeroushand_1
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[Glee] K&R; We're listening.

*sheepishly pokes head in*

Erm. Hi. 'S Dai-chan. Y'know, co-mod, Duo & Momiji & Nanami & Ron RPer. Anyway...

I know I've been MIA for the past... oh, month or so... XD; But, what do you expect? This is my very first semester in college, so I'm having to adjust a lot time-wise. Also, I was in a major RP-funk and just... didn't feel like doing it.

HOWEVER. If anyone does feel like RPing... I dunno, try to e-mail me or something. Or poke me at my LJ. I don't get on MSN or AIM a whole lot at the moment... I do get on GaiaOnline a whole lot right now, though, so that's an option too.

Anyway, yeah, still love you guys! ...Er, the ones I know, anyway. XD;

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Who's Up at This Hour?

When: Early Morning
Where: Rao
Who: Ishizu Ishtar and whomever else happens to be there
What Happens?: Ishizu has decided she needs to get out a bit more and take a look around, why she started this early, well, to get a walk in the cool morning air!
Note: My computer spazzed and denyed the AIM message I was sent, sorry ><;;

The blue eyes woman heaved a heavy sigh before pulling the small layer of fabric she called a wrap closer to her body. For reasons that were unknown she had picked the thin piece of cloth, and it was the least bit helpful in fighting off the cold morning breeze. She paused for a moment and stared out into the sky, watching the sky begin to light up, the fog evaporating into nothing.

Her gaze fell back to the sand below, and in seconds she had set herself down Indian style. Her black hair fluttered about  as her blue eyes glazed in thought. After a few long moments she snapped back and shook her head, raven locks falling into her eyes. She let a soft groan escape from her lips.

She wanted to be social, yet she didn't want too....

if that made any sense at all. She stood and brushed the sand off her legs, glancing over at the hotel that sat miutes away from the shore. She set her head to one side, wondering why people actually paid that much money to stay in a hotel of that sorts. 

Shrugging it off she let her gaze fall in the direction of her job, there was an exhibit waiting behind the large doors. Why she was putting them together was beyond her, after all, it was on rare occasions that people actually stopped to look at the exhibits.

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OOC Post // Yay!!!

My computer is fixed! Which means I have my AIM and internet back!!! It's exciting like woah guys =o

Ok, so my aim's duelistshemei, so if you wanna poke at Ishizu, feel free to send meh a message. I'm always up for a Role play <3

ankh_ishizu, your lovely Ishizu role player =3

P.S. I have a awesom info page and sme new icons coming soon, so try and keep an eye out for them xD
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Leon's Outside Of Ada's Place, Hoping To Get Another Date

When: Noontime
Where: Outside Ada's Apartment, Then Inside Ada's Apartment
Who: Leon S. Kennedy agent_leon_x & Ada Wong another_ada
What Happens: After having some free time to himself, and noticing that Ada had called him many of times during the last few weeks, he decided to stop by her apartment and take her out for lunch.
Warnings: None really

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Need a dark place

Who; Ren Maaka stress_vampire
Where; On his way home
When; Dawn
What happens; After meeting and seeinf Dr. Muraki, Ren had taken a walk drawn to the sent of stressed blood, to where he met a woman named Ada. Now he's on his way back home, but the sun is starting to rise. Taken place after the Rp with Muraki & Cloud that was unfinished}

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[OOC: I'm back %D]

It's Dai-chan~ I got my new laptop. He's shiny and his name is Fred. So I'm ready to RP again now! XD (It was a very short hiatus, ne?)

Anyway, this is my new character. Yes, it's Ronald Weasley. *_* Because he is a-freakin'-dorable and I love him so. ADD HIM. Go! Do it now! I command you!

Dai-chan [pro_digious]
(Duo, Momiji, Nanami, and Ron's mun!)
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